About Gladys Lee

Since 1986 I have been committed to improving the lives of young people as well as adult women using the attributes of golf to grow the game of golf.

In 1986 I established a 501©3 junior golf program called the Texas International Stroker’s Junior Golf Association, later named in 1997 The Roaring Lambs International Junior Golf Academy.

The junior organization focused on meeting the special needs of multi-cultural, socially economic and diverse youth aged five to eighteen.  The organization was committed to promoting the highest caliber of children’s golf in the world, while at the same time providing constructive outlets for all children regardless of race creed or color.

 The year round program provided instruction and play for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students.  The programs mission continues to use golf as a means of instilling self-discipline, concentration, honesty, commitment, and proper manners in youth.  In addition to the golf component, the program offers education, health, nutrition, physical fitness and life skills training – all vehicles through which students achieve a defined level of proficiency in life, as well as the sport of golf.

As our society continues to became more sophisticated and technically demanding in the 21st Century, I  believe  investment in specialized training, education and other areas of assistance to deliver the quality of excellence, and the equality of opportunity that America  promise's has to be fulfilled. I believed 29 years ago , and strongly believe today  that some of the biggest influences in our  western culture are messages and themes portrayed through film, television, music and sports.  The impact of these forms of entertainment and the merchandise that subsequently spin-off these mediums  is staggering and has influenced our youth today more than education, religion, government and even family…

As a teacher, coach, parent, grandparent and mentor my pursuit of happiness and balance has been achieved by nurturing youth in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arizona, Atlanta, Michigan and cities across the nation..

With a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice, I’ve earned my LPGA Class A Certification in one of the most prestigious womens sports association coveted and respected throughout the world.

Before golf, I gained peripheral experience training in human resources development and social services. I was also a Production Co-ordinator for Dick Clark Productions (American Bandstand) in Burbank California where Carrie Clark (Dick’s wife) encouraged and introduced me to learn and pursue a new level of golf and the concept of “Golf is More Than A Game”

Beside family and close friends, my mentors and supporters in the golf world are LPGA Co- Founder Marilynn Smith, Former USGA President Judy Bell and Business Women Marty Leonard owner of Leonard’s Golf Links in Fort Worth Texas. Without family and these three very special women I would not be where I am in the golfing community today … I honor, cherish, and love all of them dearly “…

Currently I am Site Director for the LPGA-USGA Fort Worth/Dallas West Girls Golf, Women's LPGA Golf 101 at " The Golf Club of Dallas (formally the historic Oak Cliff Country Club).

Golf is My Love ,  Golf is My Life”!                                           

                                                                                                                  Gladys M. Lee  Professional LPGA Class A Coach/Instructor